Join An Dúlra Co-Op

We are looking to partner with individuals and organisations to work with us in planting native Irish trees and establishing new native Irish Woodlands. Thank you for taking an interest in becoming a member of An Dúlra Co-Op.

You can join the Co-Op as a shareholder for a minimum investment of just €25. As a shareholder you become a part landowner in our newly planted native Irish Woodlands. You will then be entitled to receive annual dividends from the grant income that the native forest generates. You can exit from your investment at any time in the future by informing the Board that you wish to redeem your shares.

We typically look to pay an annual tax free dividend of 4% to our shareholders.

The video below was recorded in January 2022 at our first native Irish Woodland site in Coolteige, Co. Roscommon, shortly after the trees were planted:

‘Sale Agreed’ on a 4th Site

The Board of An Dúlra is pleased to announce that we have recently gone ‘Sale Agreed’ on a 4th native woodland site in Curreentorpan, near Loughglynn, Co.Roscommon. We expect to plant 14,000 native trees under license on this land.

The Board is seeking to raise an additional €70,000 in order to purchase this new site. Please see a recently published presentation giving a history of The Co-Op and information on how an investment with An Dúlra Co-Op works.

We also recommend that you visit the About Us page and FAQ's page to ensure you understand how an investment in An Dúlra Co-Op works.

Become a Shareholder

By filling out the form below, you are expressing an interest in becoming a member of the Co-Op. You will then be given the opportunity to invest and become a shareholder.

Please note: the information you provide below will be used to contact you in relation to becoming a shareholder of An Dúlra Co-Op. Your personal data will be shared only with the Board Members within the organisation. Your data will not be shared with any third parties without your prior consent.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Please enter below the amount you are willing to pledge. When your pledge has been honoured with an investment you will receive your shares in the Co-Op. Shares can be redeemed at a later stage upon request to the Board. The cost per share is €1 and the minimum number of shares that can be purchased is 25 (€25).