About Us

An Dúlra Co-Op was formed in September 2020. Our core mission is to work with and on behalf of shareholders in establishing new Native Irish Woodland and in the process provide an annual tax free dividend to those shareholders.

In establishing An Dúlra Co-Op we wanted to give an opportunity to Irish residents to become co-owners and investors in an initiative to re-establish our Native Irish Woodlands. In doing so An Dúlra is helping to restore some of Ireland’s lost native forests and improve the balance of nature while mitigating the effects of climate change.

In establishing ourselves as a Co-Op our key principles are based on integrity, transparency and democracy. Our accounts are subject to annual audit by a third party and our Board is elected annually by our shareholders at our AGM.

Unlike a traditional company, in a Co-Op every shareholder has an equal vote regardless of the number of shares held by any individual shareholder. This principle also allows for every shareholder to be put forward as a voluntary member of The Board if they are willing to do so. This principle ensures fairness,transparency and accountability within the organisation.

Our Board are all volunteers and are all shareholders of the Co-Op. This principle ensures that the interests of The Board and that of the shareholders are aligned.

An Dúlra's core principle is to plant native trees. Our shareholders are motivated by the fact that together we have an opportunity to do something really significant to improve the environment. Our long term goal is to plant at least one million native trees in Ireland. To achieve this we need you to come on board with us and invest as one of our shareholders!

By becoming a shareholder in An Dúlra Co-Op your money will be used to purchase land which will in turn be planted with native trees. We will work with The Forestry Service who provide tax free grant income for 15 years on all of the new Native Irish Woodlands we establish. This grant income is paid to our shareholders as an annual dividend once costs have been accounted for. The video below was recorded in January 2022 at our first Native Irish Woodland site in Coolteige, Co. Roscommon, shortly after the trees were planted:

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To date we have purchased two sites, our first is in Co. Roscommon, our second in Co. Mayo. We have also secured ‘sale agreed’ on a third & forth site, both in Co. Roscommon.

Coolteige, Co. Roscommon

Planted: December 2021

Native Trees Planted: 8,050

Brickeens, Co. Mayo

Planted: February 2023

Native Trees Planted: 5,600

The Board

The board consists of 7 special members. We are all shareholders in the co-op and serve on the board as volunteers.

David Fallon
Co. Louth
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Michael Houghton
Co. Limerick
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Other Board Members

Finbarr O'Riordan - Vice Chair Co. Cork
Eoin O'Faolain - Treasurer Co. Dublin
Aoife Gaffney Co. Kildare
Robert Power Co. Dublin
Roisin Buckley Co. Limerick

AN DÚLRA CO-OP LIMITED is registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts, 1893 to 2018.

Registered on the 29th of September 2020, with the registration number 5958R.

AN DÚLRA CO-OP LIMITED has been set up and is supported by The Irish Co-Operative Organisation Society.