An Dúlra Co-Op

Formed in 2020, An Dúlra is an Irish Co-Operative which aims to reconnect people with nature through the creation of Native Irish Woodland. To date the Co-Op has purchased two sites and has recently secured ‘sale agreed’ on a third. The first of An Dúlra’s Native Woodlands has been established at Coolteige in Co. Roscommon. This site was planted with over 8,000 native trees in December 2021. Our second site is due to be planted in the autumn of 2022.

By becoming a shareholder you will be a part-owner of An Dúlra’s Native Irish Woodlands. As a shareholder, you join a community of people committed to “doing the right thing” in providing support for the natural environment. By investing in nature, you are playing a part in helping to restore Ireland's Native Woodlands in an effort to combat the effects of climate change. In return for your investment you will receive an annual tax free dividend from An Dúlra Co-Op Ltd.

The video below was recorded in January 2022 at our first Native Irish Woodland site in Coolteige, Co. Roscommon, shortly after the trees were planted:

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