Native Woodland Co-Op Members Agree New Name

Press Release: 3rd December 2020

Native Woodland Co-op Ltd. was inaugurated in September of 2020 with a view to begin the process of planting native trees as soon as possible. We didn't just want to be another forum to talk about planting trees; we wanted action- to deliver results. The newly formed interim Board used the current official name to initially register with the Registrar of Friendly Societies in Ireland. They had a view to work on a more creative Trading Brand that would be striking, stronger and incorporate a greater sense of who we are and what we want to do as members of this new Co-operative.

Since then we have launched to Shareholders and raised enough capital from 66 individual shareholders to purchase our first parcel of land in which to plant a new native woodland of 8.8 acres located at Coolteige near Roscommon town. We have recently targeted a second site also located in the west and have made an offer to purchase. If successful, this new land acquisition would allow us to plant over 50,000 native trees within the next few months.

Last night we held the first Special meeting of our members on Zoom. It was essentially a proposal to change our legal name to match our new trading brand. We had over 50% of members in attendance, and secured 100% backing from our shareholders to make this important change. The new name we have now adopted is as follows:

An Dúlra Co-op Ltd.

The expression "An Dúlra" comes from the native Irish language. The essence of the name means: "the Elements of Nature". We feel this is appropriate on many counts, not least is the fact that a native forest grows and interacts with all the elements, and interconnects the mountains to the sea. Native forests help to filter water and repair the land. They cool the air and indeed sequester carbon. Forests even have the ability to effect restoration of the sea beds upon which their water flows. It also incorporates the most important element in our Co-op which is the People working together to give expression to their intentions of planting and maintaining our native forests. We hope you will like the name change and it’s grounding in the values of our Co-operative. We believe it will keep us focused and communicate our intention to those with whom we will collaborate on this exciting journey.

Our next steps will be to formalise the registration of our name change, which we will action ASAP. Please expect to see changes to our Facebook Page, domain name, bank account, email address and branding over the next few weeks. We will need to wait for the name change to be officially approved before we can adopt the new name.

We would be delighted to have you on board. Shares are currently available with a view to purchasing and planting our next new native forest. We are a Co-operative and therefore function as a democratic model. We have amenable economical entry levels so please, if you have an interest in the environment and want to learn more, do join us on our journey and help grow and own native forests with our friends.

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