May 2021 Update

Press Release: 5th May 2021

It’s been an exciting few months for our Co-Op since members voted to change our name to An Dúlra last December.

We have since completed all the necessary paperwork required for the name change. We have also completed all paperwork regarding the planting of 12,700 native trees on our first site in Co. Roscommon.

While we had hoped to plant this woodland in April, we received news that our project would have to wait until Autumn due to severe stock shortages of native trees throughout the country. We have since learned that there are approximately 50 other native woodland sites left unplanted this spring across Ireland due to these stock shortages.

Our immediate goal is to continue to purchase suitable sites on which to establish new native woodlands. We have currently raised an additional €50,000 and increased our number of shareholders to a total of 90. We are working diligently to try and secure another suitable site and have several possibilities in our sights at present.

As a Co-Op, our short term objective is to establish several new woodlands over the next number of years. In the longer term, we aim to develop An Dúlra into an Agroforestry Co-Op; developing our forests into sustainable ecosystems from a Biodiversity and Ecological perspective. Alongside the production of native trees we intend to produce native crops such as hazelnut and to produce and harvest fungi. Other income streams are also being explored including revenue generated from beekeeping and native honey production.

We are inviting potential shareholders to register their interest in becoming a member of An Dúlra Co-Op. By registering your interest now, you will be invited to become a shareholder when we raise our next round of capital for future land purchase. Shares are traded at a starting point of €25 to ensure that we remain accessible to all potential members.

As a shareholder, you have entitlement to vote in the election of The Board. Shareholders also have entitlement to vote at the AGM and at Special Meetings which help determine key decisions made by the Co-Op in the future. Shareholders receive dividends from profits (primarily from forestry grant premiums) and are also able to sell their shares at a future date if desired. Regular monthly updates are sent to Shareholders to update them on progress.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us, or click here to learn more about The Co-Op.

Michael Houghton

For the Board of An Dúlra Co-op Limited.

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